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New To Kunming as of Feb 20ish 2008

Oyun Dege (6 posts) • 0

I will be moving to Kunming hopefully around Feb 17 of 2008. I will be teaching at the University of Finance and Economics. Since this is an ex-pat site I was wondering: how is the experience of teaching in China. From what I have heard it can be extremely challenging and frustrating. What are your thoughts?
Also, as a young person myself, how is the nigh life in Kunming? Is there much to do, if so what is there to do.
What would you suggest for me as an individual that has never been to China before. However, I have took two years of Chinese at University.
Lastly, what would suggest to bring to China, such as things that are not as readily avivabe in China. And what are the most hard cultural aspects of Chinese culture, or in particular in kunming to acclimate to?

Yan Cui (5 posts) • 0

Just paid a visit Kunming at last weekend, because my bf just started a job there.

For the night life there, you could go to a street called Yang Ren Jie (Foreigner Rd.), there are lots of bars and restaurants operated by westen people. So you could find your food there and also the night life.

The life there must be far different from what you have right now. I think some foreigners can tell you the real difference. For me, I was born and brought in a big city, most parts of Kunming are quite different from what I have right now (main reason is that the city is dusty and the infrastructure is poor). But the city will be developed for sure.

Which university you are going to teach? I had a glance at Yun Nan University, had a good impression :0)

Suggest to bring a pair of hiking shoes, a big back pack and Lonely Planet in order to go traveling in Yun Nan during your vacations. You will be amazed by the fabulous views.

CalMatt (25 posts) • 0

Oyun Dege,

First, let me say that you've made a good choice: Kunming, in my opinion, is the best place to experience life as an expat in China. Teaching can be very rewarding, though everyone goes through some difficult patches, especially in the beginning.

Nightlife in Kunming isn't as hot as it is in Shanghai and Beijing, but it isn't bad for a mid-sized Chinese city. For pubs, cafes, and restaurants, the area surrounding Yunnan University and Yunnan Normal University have plenty of places to hang out and is popular among foreigners. The Kundu area has the bulk of Kunming's discos and clubs, while there are various other nightspots scattered throughout the city.

Things to bring? For starters, deodorant can be difficult to obtain at reasonable prices here. Imported electronic goods such as iPods and Sony computers are heavily taxed on the mainland, so it would be better to sort out these things prior to arriving. If your shoe size is larger than 44, make sure you bring enough to last for the duration of your stay. This also goes for clothing of all sorts if you are of even average height and size by Western standards. Otherwise, Kunming is pretty well-supplied with essential living items.

Hard cultural aspects? Too many to name, so my only advice is to keep an open mind, have a sense of humor (as well as a sense of adventure) and don't be afraid to dive in head-first.

Good luck, and see you around in the spring.

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