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Where can I learn Chinese online?

lovelyting (1 post) • 0

My name is Jubilee,I am a mandarin teacher graduated from Yunnan Normal University in 2007, my major is Chinese Teaching As A Second Languages, and i have 4 years chinese-teaching experience in thailand, and now i am living in kunming, if you want to study chinese, include how to improve your HSK test, please call me . my phone No. is : 18725016342
thank you for your reading .

Laubis (14 posts) • 0

Popupchinese.com has very good lessons as well. Not the dull 'ordering food', 'in the taxi' kind of material but refreshingly fun dialogues about narcoleptic hang-gliders, gay vampires or clumsy gangsters. For me, this is very helpful to keep new stuff stick.
It's free too! But if you like it and want more features you can opt for premium access.

The only problem I have with them is that even at the intermediate lessons, they use a lot of English. For pure Chinese podcasts I recommend imandarinpod.com. Look for them on iTunes.

楠楠 (1 post) • 0

Hi, I am a girl,my name is nannan, Nice to meet you,I can become the friend with you,Because I want to improve my English,so We can communicate with each other language. If you want,you can call me, my telephone number :13888446071

chris8080 (226 posts) • 0

i recommend chinesepod too. it's good. if you don't feel like paying, you can download 15gb worth of podcasts for free using a torrent site (although you don't get the useful extras). of course i would never do something like that but the option is there for you.

xjwjean (16 posts) • 0

I am a teacher, and I've teached for about 2 years. Now I am teaching foreigners Chinese. And they say I am patient. I know learning online maybe cheaper, but if you want to learn something that you really need to know, you should find a tutor and tell him/her what you want to learn to live in China on your own feet, for example, you should know how to order meals in local restaurants, how to express your pain in hospital or find a good clinic, something like that. Then you can learn online, I think. Because it's more efficient. I hope this is helpful. Have fun in China.

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