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Where can I learn Chinese online?

EminStone (3 posts) • 0

I found this was an old question but I still like to share a very useful link at famous iciba hanyu.iciba.com/zt/3500.html, which lists the 2,500 most common Chinese characters and 1,000 second commons.

When you click on some character, it takes you to a page, where you can listen to the character's pronunciation, find its definition and idioms and phrases, even the stroke sequence.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

I read somewhere that there is a Website called Livemocha.com that is a platform for learning many languages and it is free if you use it properly.

By peer reviewing contributions by others (e.g. in English), you get credit. You can then submit exercises and you will get free peer review from Chinese native speakers.

If you are too lazy to review others, you can pay. But that is not how it works really.

I have used it but lapsed recently.
Recommend it though.

Viviandy (1 post) • 0

Hi, I am Vivian. I am a Chinese girl. My job is to teach English so that if you wanna learn Chinese, maybe I could help you for free. Just when we are free we could make friends and practice Chinese or English. That would be fine. I am a nice girl. Hope that we have a lot of common things. If you are interested, you could give me an e-mail: duanyu415@qq.com.
Best wishes

redjon77 (510 posts) • 0

The site didn't seem to great and the prices didn't seem to great either for what was offered!
Looking for an online or 1-1 course now I finished doing my beginner course but have to say didn't seem appealing, anyone used the above link before?

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