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non smoking

Laubis (14 posts) • 0

So far I know Salvador's and the Vintage cafe have non-smoking floors and Mazagran is completely smoke free. Please use this thread to list other places in Kunming where one can enjoy a smoke free bite or drink.

Ocean (1159 posts) • 0

Prague Cafe is non-smoking on the ground floor, I believe. Does anyone know whether the Government plan to ban smoking in public places throughout China from Jan 1st 2011 is still (theoretically) coming into law?

Ocean (1159 posts) • 0

I went into Guo Zi Lou in WenLing Jie yesterday and they have "No Smoking" signs prominent (at least on the ground floor). Is that new?

moondog (15 posts) • 0

i just opened my bar(moondog in kundu)and we just got our hygiene lycense to get this we need to have a non smoking area (very big) and a smoking area (very small) we needed to have at least 6 non smoking signs and 1 smoking sign.i think this is the new law also we need ventilation fans in the smoking area

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