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Certifying documents for Australia

broph (3 posts) • 0

Has anyone ever had to get documents certified for Australian visa applications in Kunming? Is there anyone who is able to do this for me? The closest consulate is in Guangzhou, so it would be nice to be able to avoid a trip there if there is someone local who is authorised to do it.

jason (9 posts) • 0

yes you can got to the govt office on Remin lu the street behind carrafour store in the city centre... head down towards the mcdonalds that 24 hours opp to parkinsons store and there is a high rise building opp and if u email me i can send the the address and floor number... they can certify certificates and other papers... cheers jas

Bernie (101 posts) • 0

I believe that if you require Australian documents to be notorized for an Australian visa, you'll need an Austalian lawyer (In China, this will be at the embassy or a consulate). If there are Chinese documents, they will require to be translated by an accredited translator.

kunming tiger (28 posts) • 0

I agree with Bernie;s post but in fact if you access the Australian consulate's website it will outline who can and can't notorize documents as per visa applications. last year it was 90 RMB per document .

If they need to be notorized by the local authorities then you need to go to the public security bureau where they will translate and notorize the doucments for you.

There is a special place where they do this but it has changed places since last time I went there. Try enquiring at the visa office on Beijing lu first as they might point you in the right direction.

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