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Basic Clothes in Kunming?

fenderblender (1 post) • 0

Does anyone have a suggestion for where to buy inexpensive basic (non-bedazzled, bejeweled, or lace accessorized) clothes in Kunming? I have yet to find a store that has a basic black shirt, dress, or tank top. Thanks for your help!

BBinKMG (37 posts) • 0

Count me in! I have no answers for this but would love to find a place like that. For now, I pretty much buy/bring clothes from the west but I'd love a local source.

shuren (7 posts) • 0

You can have clothes made quite cheaply at any of the many many tailors around town. Bring in a photograph or a sample clothing item, and a dictionary to the tailor and they should have no problem making it for you.

Joseph (2 posts) • 0

If you are looking for inexpensive genuine clothes of famous global brands in town, here is the option: Zen, Room 1304, Building C, Beicheng pedestrian street, Tel: 13708497174 . The apparals are from manufacturers in Guangdong constantlyt outsourced by big international companies.

debaser (635 posts) • 0

try giordano or balano. balano have a store just down the street from the bird and flower market and there's a giordano just around the corner. they both have branches in hong kong so their products are a bit more 'normal'.

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