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The New Uprock - Your Input

CalMatt (25 posts) • 0

In its better days Uprock was fun because it had both a loud dance floor and a cool area to sit and chat, something that is pretty rare at most places in town. Preserving that kind of atmosphere without a roof terrace might not be easy but I think it'd be worth a try.


piers (144 posts) • 0

Uprock will be re-opening on Friday, 18th June.

The re-opening party promises to be a great night with music from Kunming's finest Norwegian DJs Martin and Tor Turbo.

Don't worry about missing any World Cup games. Uprock has a huge projector and a number of TVs dotted around the bar so you can keep up with all the latest matches while you groove to the awesome music and sample any of our huge selection of imported beers.

ZuiAiBaBi (1 post) • 0

New Uprock is nice! I can understand that since new Uprock is in Kundu now, the rent and other expenses must be higher then before so it's reasonable to price the drinks a bit higher but please don't cut down the alcohol in the mix drinks they could be a bit more alcoholic!
Thank you!

Good luck!

piers (144 posts) • 0

Tonight is the full opening of the new Uprock.

DJ DSK will be on the decks for what will be one of the biggest parties of the summer (we hope!)

Many thanks to all the people who have given feedback over the past week during our soft opening. The air con is now fixed, the outside bar is fully operational, the staff and level of service is a lot better. We now have 90% of our beer stocked including a great range of Belgian and German beers. For those who prefer local beers, Qingdao is just 15 kuai (12 with a VIP card).

VIP customers (you can collect your cards tonight) receive discounts on bottled beer, spirits and wine.

For those that want to start early, we'll be showing the Germany v Serbia match at 7.30pm on our massive projector. You can also play pool or table football.

Our table reservation number is 0871-533 0001.

In the spirit of the World Cup I will personally buy a drink for anybody wearing an England football shirt. We need all the help we can get!!

If you can't make it tonight look out over the next few days for announcements on our weekly events. In future we will have live bands, special music nights (Disco, Hip-Hop etc), a pool competition, and more....

Hope to see you tonight!

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