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Happy Hour in Kunming

hoolioj (1 post) • 0

Hey Kunming Expats!
I just arrived from Shanghai to this great city of Kunming and was wondering where the happy hours are held.
-Which Bars/Restaurants have Happy hours.
- What sort of beers/cocktails
- At what price

Also would love to hear other people's opinion and the experience they had during happy hour at the spot they were at.


CalMatt (25 posts) • 0

Hey hoolioj,

Most of the bars/cafes along Wenhua Xiang and Wenlin Jie have regular happy hour specials. Salvadors seems to be the most popular, as it's daily between 4 and 8. Double gin and tonics are 16, and when I say double I mean double. They have a bunch of other drinks, and I'm sure one of Sal's regulars or owners can give you more detailed information than I can.

The Box and French Cafe have similar deals, though at the Box you get the added bonus of free appetizers on Thursdays should you order one of their happy hour drinks.

If you live up in the north, Sandra's in Beichen is a good place to go for stiff drinks and excellent food.

Anyway I'd take a cab down to Wenlin Jie/Wenhua Xiang if I were you and have a look- this is not a town that makes it difficult for its residents and guests to drink a lot!

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