Can't access AirAsia website

Maude (32 posts) • 0

Hello everyone,

For the last 5 days or so I haven't been able to use the AirAsia website (www.airasia.com). Whenever I try to run a search for flights I get a message saying there has been a DNS failure on the server.

I was wondering if anyone knows if this is one of the ways that the government here censors the internet or if it really could just be AirAsia destroying all chance of selling any tickets in China... If the former why on earth would they censor AirAisa?


DanTheMan (600 posts) • 0

I just accessed www.airasia.com with no problems. If you're continuing to have problems, change your DNS settings to OpenDNS (instructions on www.OpenDNS.org). Sometimes the "block" isn't intentional, and is simply the result of the junky DNS systems being used by Chinese telecom companies.

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