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Winter Travelling, will it be worth it ?

ziedni (2 posts) • 0

Hi I finally get my ticket to Kunming from Sydney this 17/01 but still doubting myself if I should go as far as Shangrila /Deqin as it must be cold during winter time. Can anyone assure me if it is worth or not worth it to go ? Anyone to join me ? ziedni@yahoo.com

Willem (21 posts) • 0

Shangrila is possible, but consider the absence of heating in most hostels. Roads to Deqin might be closed due to snowfall, and if open, dangerous.

countrymouse (12 posts) • 0

every coin has two sides, one side is that it is not as crowded as in summer, no loud noise tourists pushing you around in parks and tourist desintaions. accommodation is much much cheaper!, 5 star hotel only costs 380 to 400 yunan!, with western breakfast, transportation is cheaper too, 30-40% discount, it is boring in Shangri-la in winter, but if you are a birder, it would be great to watch birds in Shangrila!. we are a professional tour operator based in Kunming, for our point of view, a tour in the winter is definitely has its good side, besides the north of Yunnan, down to the southern Xishuangbana, the tropical zone, you can travel by Mekong River Cruise down to northern Thailand, golden Triangle and Lang Brang Laos. 200 Yunnan for a 6 hours cruise, which used cost 800 Yuan. we have this programm, you can go out website at www.12visitchina.com.

countrymouse (12 posts) • 0

by the way, the weather in Kunming is very warm, today is 8-20 degrees centigrees, people in Kunming even complained that it is too warm for a winter!

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

Which part of Kunming did you wake up in? Everyone was complaining about how cold it was yesterday and half of today. Kunming is OK during the winter when it's sunny, but when it's cloudy it's not so great. Most buildings have terrible windows and no heating.

mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

A snowstorm is forecasted in northern Yunnan for the complete month of March, Kunming may get only a few inches in the first part of March.

Enjoy the sunshine..

sawadee (1 post) • 0

Does anyone (countrymouse?) know if it is possible to make the Mekong trip down to Thailand now (March 2010) - I hear that the water levels are low and boats not running?

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

i saw a note on the forest cafe's website the other day implying the boat wasn't running: "NOTE: I think there is no more boat will leave for Thailand before May, because the water level is very low."


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