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Join a research on foreigners' lives in Kunming

Mildred (14 posts) • +1

Thanks! I'll take it. It would be really interesting to know more about the comparison between foreigners living in Kunming compared to Beijing. Hopefully you can post your findings here Xiaoinbejing?

Tracy Xue Chen (1 post) • +1

Hi! Everyone here. since we posted the interview invitation here and in the wechat groups by some of our foreign friends, we have interviewed more than 10 people now. All the interviewees privacies would be perfectly protected. And we sincerely thank all of you for telling your living stories here in Kunming. We also hope we can continue to interview more people in Kunming both online or face to face. Try to contact us, We are always here.

Wechat: 1388976175 or 15005090478

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