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Looking for fellow nerds..

DagInge (15 posts) • 0

Anyone out there who has either a board game group or roleplay group I could join?

If not, anyone up for making some?
Mainly thinking about Axis and Allies and Dungeons and Dragons 3.5..

JosephH (2 posts) • 0

Have you been to the Game Bar near Chapter One? I think the owner said he might be interested in something like that. I don't have a lot of time, but would like to do something like that on weekends.

Neverwinter (26 posts) • 0

It's really cool you should think of that! The most complicated (?) board game I've played so far is Scrabble... However I've always wondered about DND, as a fan of fantasy novels and stuff.

I agree the Game Club should be about the right place to look.

Neverwinter (26 posts) • 0

Uh, I just noticed the previous poster said Chapter One not Game Club... In case you wonder, it's a little cafe where you have access to 60+ games and drinks... owned by a French guy named Daniel Guillaume - it's located right opposite Teresa's (not the new one opposite the school!) on Wenlin Jie

DagInge (15 posts) • 0

Sweet! 2 fellow nerds! Three's a charm, but Axis is ideal with 5, normally. Can be played with 3, though. If the Game Club has 60 plus games, I'll bet a rat for a tiger he has Axis'n Allies.

For DnD, anyone who either has the core books, or knows how to get them? We'd need a dungeonmaster.. I've never tried DM-ing, but if there are no one else who's tried it already, I might just as well give it a go. Of course, I need DM handbook and Monster Manual..

lummerlaoshi (130 posts) • 0

May be interested in joining a DnD group depending on the timing. I haven't played since 2nd edition though. I did DM back in the day, but not sure if I could pull it off now. Up for Axis and Allies though I've never played. I think you'd have to get the books imported/order online as I've never seem them available in Asia.

JosephH (2 posts) • 0

They don't have Axis and Allies. The best game they have there is Arkham Horror, based on H.P. Lovecraft's stuff. I've played one half-game only. You need a whole day to play it. My girlfriend has been wanting to try that game out as well. But I think World of Warcraft has warped her mind too much to play D&D. I am sure some older rulebooks must be available online.

timkunming (87 posts) • 0

I have Risk, Monopoly, Clue, and Axis and Allies.

We have a few people that are usually willing to play, as A&A games can take up to ten hours to finish at times.

If anyone is interested in playing let me know.

DagInge (15 posts) • 0

TimKunming: Count me in on Risk, Monopoly and Axis! This Clue game is new to me, but if you say it's fun, of course I'm willing to give it a try. Mail me at masterdag@gmail.com.

Lummerlaoshi: If you did DM-ing back in 2th ed, I vote for you as DM. 3.5 is somewhat different, though, but game mechanics is'nt not too complicated.

The very same day we get a good DnD gaming group (DM + min 3 players) I'll order the books.

You in, Neverwinter?

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