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English schools in Kunming

Johnie (1 post) • 0


Can anyone recommend some schools to contact in Kunming to see if they have any vacancies for English teachers.

Please send me the information to [email protected] or reply to my post



Necronomicon (15 posts) • 0

It is so hard to find a good school in Kunming. On the other side though, there are many bad foreigners here as well. I'll just say stay away from Summit School. They go through foreigners like crazy there. A lot of other private schools will try to make you have a 12 hour shift during the weekends. People seem like they can't do schedules here. Schools like that are pretty good to get a part-time job at though. Even if they give you the same hours, it is sometimes better to get a part-time contract. Universities try to OWN you and treat you like rubbish. If you can find a school where you are the only teacher or one of the only good teachers there, maybe a small, new school, this would probably be the best. There is DDDragon in the north. People seem to respect you more at those places.

Liumingke1234 (3250 posts) • 0

If you are coming here in the hopes of teaching. Bring as many ESL books from over there because you won't find much or any here that are any good. Also bring a lot of index cards, you know 5x7 cards because you can't find that either to use as flashcards when you are teaching English.

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