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Is Kunming safe for a Muslim student to study Chi?

doubleyoudee (1 post) • 0

I'm a Singaporean Muslim planning to study Chinese at Yunnan Da Xue for a semester next year.

The thing is, with all the news about Uyghur muslims being detained and the crackdown, I'm worried about my safety.

I'd like to know your opinions on the safety/security there, and how are Muslims being perceived by the KM locals and authorities?

tigertigerathome (146 posts) • 0

Safety will not be an issue for a Muslim in Kunming.
There is a large Muslim population in Kunming. Both traditional and secular Muslims live side by side with other locals.

There are two mosques in the center of the city, and I am sure that there are others around the city. There is also a Muslim community, adjacent to one of the city center mosques.

You will find Halal restaurants in many parts of the city. These are easy to see, by the Arabic signage above the door.

satii (82 posts) • 0

Man City supporters? We just don't know.

Having just got off plane from Borneo. Many Malaysian Muslims on board the plane went through KM customs without a problem.

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