Looking for a part time job any tips ?

TN.IN.KUNMING (13 posts) • -1

I'am a student at yunnan university and i'am looking for a part time job could anyone help me ? Give me tips where yo find some good jobs or suggest me a certain job because i really need it .
Ty in advance

john-doe1983 (64 posts) • 0

Well that all depends what you are good at and the type of jobs you are willing to do.

There are plenty of jobs in the classified section, try looking there first. Then ask your friends and family if they know any one that is hiring.

TN.IN.KUNMING (13 posts) • 0

I actually dont have any specified skills but i can do a lot of things i dont mind doing any job as long as i get a good wage that can cover my needs .Also i had many jobs before so have a bit of experince. I'am kinda good at everything related to computer beside some programming and web development skills

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -1

Where you from anyway, if you dont mind asking?

Edit. Oh, sorry, just saw your earlier post mentioning it.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -4
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Sure, bcs I was wondering if an american writes english like that and at same time markets himself for a job.

Anyway good luck. Years ago, i tried shisha in sidi bou said, among the blue white houses, and it tasted a lot sweeter than the bamboo pipe in yunnan. You can buy tobacco leaves straight from farmers in yunnan, we are now anticipating your mix.

TN.IN.KUNMING (13 posts) • 0

Ty for wishing me good luck and insulting my english at the same time lol ! Sidi bou said is a very beautiful and peaceful place to visit.You are welcome to visit tunisia anytime u want

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