Looking for a part time job any tips ?

Liumingke1234 (3233 posts) • 0

Chances are that it will be nearly impossible to find a job here.

First it would be illegal since your are probably here on a student visa.

The only job usually advertised here are English teaching jobs.

Most require a degree and a host of other requrements.

Maybe you can tutor privately.

Good Luck!

herenow (328 posts) • 0

@Liumingke: Why string the OP along with so many questions when you could have given the answer above from the outset?

In any event, I believe your advice may be wrong. There have been several reports that the visa regulations changed in the last several years to allow foreign students to work during their stay, although the sources I have seen are not authoritative. The OP should inquire for himself.

@Liumingke wrote: "Most require a degree and a host of other requrements." lol

Overall, very unhelpful.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • +2

Great with pakistani friends around here and good luck. (just recently I recommended Lahore here for reality of life, no "megamall existence" in Lahore). Anyway welcome.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -2

Unfortunately i cant do that, but i hope you will serve karachi chicken one day. Now im not even in China, I just wanted to welcome a pakistan friend and wish good luck.

john-doe1983 (64 posts) • +1

@Sikimehar Place an advert in the classifieds section of the site with your contact details in it. Forums are not the place for this.

CindyLi (18 posts) • +1

LOL. Getting a bit awkward. Maybe Peter swings that way, which is totally okay. Not judging.

@Sikmehar, Welcome to China. Pakistani people are friends of China. I know there are quite a few medical students from Pakistan studying in Kunming. At least 10 that I know of.

Sikimehar (2 posts) • 0

OK sir.... My phone number is 13064280940
My wechat.... sikiarrain
Plz shair your wechat also so that I can easily add you for the more information

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