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Processing time for student visa in Chiangmai

l4dybug (71 posts) • 0

Small favor, keep an eye out for mangosteen prices in CM if you have the chance. Have a safe flight!

greenrizla (15 posts) • +4

So I was able to

process a student visa through the Chinese consulate in Chiangmai.

Cost was 1100 Baht and it took 4 days.
I had an interview with a senior officer. It was conducted entirely through Chinese. I got the distinct impression that she was testing my Chinese to see if I was genuinely studying. So my guess is they don't just rubberstamp it.
Mangosteens ranged from 35 to 50 Baht for about 10/11 of them and were very tasty.

Thanks to all who helped!

Ishmael (462 posts) • +1

I've always found the Chiangmai consulate friendlier and more accommodating than the outlet (whatever, not consulate) in Hong Kong, especially if you speak Chinese.

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