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Internet not working today?

Vorikx (4 posts) • 0

Is anyone else having issues with China Mobile broadband today? It was working fine for me up until about 5:30pm, now all of my devices say theyre connected but can't access the internet. Not sure if I'm the only one. Tried calling China Mobile support but couldn't seem to get English assistance on the phone like I have before.

Vorikx (4 posts) • 0

Still have a US SIM card so I had to use that to post. Seems like things are back to normal for me now though

hermit (48 posts) • +2

At its best, China Mobile is the worst I have ever had.

_x___ss vpn out-to-lunch for a week now..

hermit (48 posts) • 0

well, my china mobile is free, but still it costs too much !!
EXPRESS, on the other hand......

redjon777 (560 posts) • 0

Since I've been in China I've had several upgrades on my mobile/data packages as they were not doing the job good enough. Every time it starts out great but within six months the package needs upgrading. I usually fight it for a while but in the end I have to get the upgraded package.
Either the internet data is getting really fat (which it is but not that fast) or I feel I'm being misled.
My current monthly package run out of data a few days back and is running a restricted data stream already.


Does anyone know the best provider + package on offer here in Kunming at the moment? I'm willing to change providers, numbers etc as with most modern people these days, the internet is an important part of everything I do.

For the Phone by the way not home, with the home Wifi I just have to live with China's peak traffic times as the only problem. Oh and extending my router signal as it's pretty weak seems as I'm on the other side of the house to the router but that's a simpler problem.

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