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yahoo dammit

dolphin (513 posts) • -5
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Ishmael, is censoring yahoo links a good idea?

The answer is a lot of information out there is bad information and arguably harmful information. So censorship is often preventing bad information from getting into your skull that most of us , myself included, don’t have the ability to separate out fact from fiction in the media.

Personally, I think not consuming too much media is a good idea. Censor yourself.

cloudtrapezer (740 posts) • -6
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Calm down Peter. You're getting mad because I showed you that your Chinese is not as good as you think it is. I know most Chinese are super patriots - at least until they decamp to America with their ill-gotten gains. And despite being in a minority on love of country I still deplore it. And I'd love to know where I could buy a leftwing newspaper. Would you care to list some titles?

Ishmael (463 posts) • +1

@dolphin: who do you trust to decide what information is harmful information for you and why? It's less a matter of having the ability to separate fact from fiction as it is deciding what Power wants in your head and what it doesn't want to be there, for its purposes, not for yours.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -7
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Great grand pa tried to bring in opium. Then granddad shot chinese at burnese border, looted the summerpalace and sailed the yangtze with special priviledge.

Little dazzers mission is to bring in unpatriotism.

Its following the lines, isnt it.

Ishmael (463 posts) • 0

Absurdity: I cannot access the link, on the Atlantic Daily service I get sent regularly to my email account, to the continuation of a poem by W. B. Yeats that was published in the Atlantic Monthly in 1938 without a VPN. But I doubt if yahoo is to blame.

Ishmael (463 posts) • 0

Will somebody please send me the name and site address of a search engine that works without a VPN? Yahoo search hasn't worked for quite awhile and as of today dogpile doesn't work either.
Damn all mindcops.

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