One-to-one classes with VISA

Ishmael (462 posts) • +1

Tiger's comments are indeed good ones, and there is also the issue that, once you can communicate in Chinese and start using it with the people all around you in the city, the major part of the work you have to do, with Chinese, is homework - nailing down all those characters, practicing them, reading them and writing them, for which the form and size of the classes you take matters a lot less.

onebir (44 posts) • 0

To reiterate: "I'm looking for a school that can provide one-to-one Chinese classes + visa & isn't horribly expensive."

Is anyone aware of any options other than the ones in the OP?

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

I think you'd be best to talk to the schools directly. They're obviously going to charge far more for 1-2-1 classes and some minimum of hours is necessary to get a visa. Maybe one of the schools will work out a package that suits - perhaps a mix of class time and individual tuition.

onebir (44 posts) • 0

Sure, but first I need to know which schools are still operating & get their contact details - the GoKunming schools listing is badly out of date.

Maybe I'll start another thread for that.

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