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dwarf and butterfly transportation

Randy zechman (1 post) • -2

we are planning on taking a Didi to the butterfly and dwarf park in western hills of kunming. Does anyone know if we can catch a didi back? is it easy or is there another way?

also- do you know when the 2 performance times at the dwarf park are? information is pretty limited other than peoples opinions on ethics of the park itself.


lemon lover (764 posts) • +1

Actually the dwarfs are digging a tunnel through Xishan mountain to connect with the Kunming metro. Unclear yet when it will be finished.

cloudtrapezer (588 posts) • 0

From what I hear the small people like living there because they are together but detest having to put on the shows. From a government point of view It wouldn't cost that much to close it down and give them more dignified work.

lemon lover (764 posts) • +1

An alternative to Didi is taking the metro to Hobbiton and from there get a bus to Rivendell. From there it is a short walk to the Dwarf Empire

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