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Passport required to Travel within Yunnan?

SpartansSpartans (184 posts) • 0

My passport is gone for processing my new visa and I'd like to travel to another city in yunnan while I'm still on vacation.

Is it possible to buy a bus ticket without my passport to another city in Yunnan?

veravdn (44 posts) • +3

Hi Spartans, if you got the yellow receipt from the Entry and Exit bureau you can travel within China. Trains, planes, hotels is all ok. Still it's a good idea to have photo of your passport on your phone and maybe ask a Chinese friend to write a short note to explain what it is if you go to more remote areas. I traveled with the yellow receipt over Spring Festival and had no issues, except that it is printed on really poor quality paper and starts to fall apart and smudge very easily if you keep it folded in your wallet.

michael2015 (776 posts) • +1

According to PSB - they confirm vera's contention - but your mileage may vary as not everyone is familiar with foreigners.

As for the yellow receipt - ziplock plastic baggie...

veravdn (44 posts) • +3

FYI: I cycled for a week in a pretty remote corner of Yunnan, took a flight to Tengchong, flew out of Lincang, got through a few security checkpoints and checked into a few hotels in small towns. I got a few puzzled looks and sometimes someone had to consult a colleague,

but apart from that zero issues.

mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

Confirm. Ive taken domestic flights a few times with the yellow receipt.
No hesitations whatsoever at airports

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