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Bars to watch live football in Lijiang

debaser (635 posts) • +1

Stone the Crows in Dayan show some. Talk to the boss and hes usually happy to change chanel or turn the volume up unless there's something on there... like tonight... their Christmas party. Let me know if you find one. By the way, Shuhe or Dayan?

anemoneisyourenemy (10 posts) • +2

So I went to Stone the Crows on Christmas night asking the owner if he would show some boxing day games. And, yes, I got to see the game I wanted to see. Thank you, guys.

I have a question I kept meaning to ask the owner but forgot, why pooping is not allowed? There is a grill thingy on the toilet and Chinese sign saying sth I don't know but guessed it means pooping is not allowed. My friend also saw this grill thingy in a cafe in Kunming.

debaser (635 posts) • +1

Short answer: from their anus.

Long answer: some combination of open sewers, outside toilets that emptied into waterways, pigstys or onto hillsides and communal/household shit piles.

...would be my guess.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • -2

It's a good point. Not picking on Stone the Crows but why don't bars that make a lot of money throw some of it at solving this problem?

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