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dolphin (266 posts) • -11
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Any Beatles fans?
So there was Paul is Dead.
And now ... John is Alive!
I will post the link to this guy who looks and sounds exactly like John Lennon ...

dolphin (266 posts) • -7
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Ha ha ... yeah, I guess I am bored. Don’t get why your post was so heavily downvoted. Tough crowd.
Oh now I get it.you got downvoted because they didn’t want you to respond to my thread.
Anyway, here’s what’s really funny. People avoid me online. And then I go to work and my colleagues won’t stop yapping in my ear about stuff I don’t want to talk about .. trump midterm elections. Gawd.
Anyway, I can take a subtle hint!

Ishmael (121 posts) • -2

The idea of an AI news anchor gives me a queasy feeling, although I can't quite figure out what it would/will/does mean. News is all managed, we know that, and this is a new management tool - question, as always, is: Who's wielding this thing (well, that I guess we know) and what are they building, and is there some way we can talk back to it?
Maybe it's just more of the same, but 'better'?

Another subject, dolphin: I'm not in any way complaining or objecting to anything on gokunming's calendar or to any particular form of entertainment, but what do you think of 'entertainment', as we know it these days, in general, as a concept? I speak as a frequent participant, but sometimes I wonder what I'm doing. Are entertainments rewards that I've earned (or perhaps not earned)?

Ishmael (121 posts) • -2

I'm not opposed to 'entertainment', frivolous or not, but it seems often to be a substitute, a distraction for something or other that it takes one's attention away from. It's activity as commodity, and it's often a bit passive - what comes out is pretty much a simple function of what's put in, as I think many who run bars, restaurants or virtually any type of 'show' probably understand well. It's sold, one goes and buys it - well, okay...
No, it's not clear in my head either, and no it's not all that bad, and no, the purchaser is not just a mindless patsy...
Ah well. I could probbly go all buddhist on the subject.

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