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Attacking? I helped you a lot. I directed you to the website of Air Koryo then I gave you essential information about travelling to the DPRK and then you started accusing me that I was full of Baloney.

On top of that it was even my suggestion to start your own Dolphin’s Corner and what do I get in return? Not a word of thanks but only accusations.

And no I will not book a ticket to the DPRK, already once been kicked out of there also I came in peace.

dolphin (509 posts) • -8
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why did you get kicked out? you had a temper tantrum because you couldn't find a mcdonald's? the fries didn't taste the same as back home? tried to take down a propaganda poster? tried to kidnap dennis rodman?

let's have some more fun.

Is the Pyongyang Metro Real or Fake? You Decide.

Visitors to the DPRK often wonder whether the country's capital, Pyongyang, is actually an elaborate set with thousands of actors walking the city's tree-lined boulevards portraying civilians, police and school children. For many, it is difficult to accept Pyongyang's role as a showcase for the image North Korea wishes to project, and some visitors subscribe to the more insidious theory that it is all an elaborate stage show being manipulated from behind-the-scenes.

Some have claimed to have witnessed "actors" exiting the metro only to turn right back around and go for another ride. Others have insisted that since visitors often only see two or three stations, that the other stops listed on the metro's official map actually do not exist.

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Well after a temper tantrum of the hawk faction of the DPRK government we got collectively kicked out. I personally can’t go back because after that film footage that I had shot in NK was used by several international news agencies. This against my clear instructions because it would endanger my local staff and some of the people depicted in the footage. Without my knowledge this footage was still used after a decision made by people with no knowledge of the DPRK. Anyway the DPRK government was not happy with that and also it was twenty years ago I know they have a long memory.
You say “let's have some more fun”
I told you before that conspiracy theories and doubt the science stories are not fun but dangerous. As I told you before believing that dinosaurs are made up of ground chicken bone looks harmless but that it isn’t because it leads to a situation that people start to belief all kind of nonsense and start questioning sound science or gives them excuses for not taking things like climate change serious because that is so much easier.
The present measles epidemic, which killed already quite some children, is caused by such a doubt ‘about science story’ and therefore there is blood on your hands instead of fun.
Several of my staff took the metro daily to come to work. Tourists are shown indeed only a few stations because these stations are fully decorated with colourful mosaics usually depicting the ‘great leader’ and Mount Paektu. The other stations are just as drab and grey as most of the DPRK is.
I don’t know why I write this here because I know you conspiracy lot will not listen to a completely plausible explanation but rather watch your youtube crap.
The DPRK has great food. That is if you belong to the elite and foreigners automatically do.

dolphin (509 posts) • -8
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Edit: changed my post

You seriously went to DPRK? For what political agenda? Based on all the fake information you gathered from the New York Times? You triple-checked your facts, I hope for your sake? By all means, go to DPRK and do whatever you think you need to be doing out there. Far be it from me to interfere. I'm not giving you any more of my attention.

lemon lover (887 posts) • +1

Funny. Before you edited your post you said you stopped jabbing and would not read this blog any longer.

Do you ever stick to your good intentions?

Ishmael (462 posts) • +2

Dolphin, i've known other people have been to the DPRK (not me) too. You write as if it is unthinkable.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • +1

Koryo tours are the experts on trips to North Korea. British company based in Beijing that's been going forever. They also co-produced a documentary on the North Korean team that knocked Italy out of the 1966 World Cup. It's called the Game of Their Lives and well worth a watch if you can find it.

dolphin (509 posts) • +4

@Ishmael, ok fair enough then if you have met people who have been there.

> Do you ever stick to your good intentions?
No, I really am quitting. Some folks are right. A lot of people are turned off by my ramblings. It affects the forum negatively. And I don't blame them. I get sick of myself sometimes.

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