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Hidden cafe gems

OceanOcean (1176 posts) • +1

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who regularly goes to some little-known restaurant (hole-in-the-wall type, perhaps) where there is consistently good (safe) food, friendly service and great prices. Let's share our food finds!

My recommendation is a Muslim restaurant (green façade) on FengZhu Street, just round the corner from Robert's School and next to a bright yellow school and rubbish disposal centre. Opposite a shop called "AAA".
Despite the dodgy-sounding location, the proprietors are very friendly and the food is always fresh and freshly-cooked. The café gets busy with local schoolchildren midday, but is quieter at other times. Typical (large) noodle or fried dishes cost 12-18RMB inc free beef soup. Never been ill from eating there. Try the "XinJiang BanMian"

alienew (422 posts) • +1

Not a cafe, but a good restaurant on the right just a few doors down (west) Wenlinjie from the intersection with Jianshelu, can't remember the name, but the restaurant has been in Kunming, but until recently in another location, since 1989 (or maybe it was 1979) and is always packed and noisy in the evening. Not fancy. Big menu, dishes are all really big, not expensive, and good.

michael2015 (715 posts) • +2

The new "A Table by Vincent" on Beimen Jie just off yuantongjie. Open 0900-2100 for breakfast, lunch, light dinner - no smoking, clean bright environment, and lots of electrical outlets for the device addicted.

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