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dolphin (509 posts) • -2

@Peter99, ok let's see how smart you are.

There is an American chocolate bar. Their advertising slogan was "gimme a break". Also, a US President uttered this same phrase during the election campaign. Please name the president and the chocolate bar and then tell us what the secret connection is.

Dazzer (2806 posts) • -2

which us president took another world leader by the neck and said, dont come into my house and piss on my rug. who did he say it to , when and why?

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -6
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Alien, you get last reply now. Then Im gone, some assignment coming up, and dont want to stir too much this website either.

From a Western perspective, if u try to undermine the C government, then u support certain people, movements, even religious groups. We even have names of alleys, squares and nobel prizes here to annoy.

Now, what if C wanted to undermine and stir back. It could be argued as getting things even. Also about influence. So the question is: who would they support.


mengna (62 posts) • +4

Looks like even Peter got tired of his own bla bla. (Despite that he came back after saying adios). This because an “assignment is coming up”.

Probably an assignment of the right prescription meds. Probably because of that, a few hours later, he managed to write a more or less sensible contribution on this thread:[...] .
Also even here is his going on about his favourite topic “Fake News”.
Probably adhering to his prescription medication again and realised that his ranting on the White Rabbit thread were his inner demons that had to be controlled.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -9
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Well, mengna, its not in black on white when you say bye here, I checked in and vicar had a good question. But Im about to leave, yes.

You seem possessed with your "eat meds" mantra. In your 20 or so messages to me, over 95% is that same "eat meds" stuff. Do you really think that is an insult? When you keep writing same unimaginative sh.t in message after message. And yet, you criticize others ´sensibility´ in messages, and ´abusive´ texts, heh. When you add to that, that you quote others written lyrics, you really seem like a stupid and simple tart of exceptionally cheap character.

Can I ask you something. You say you are chinese but you seem very annoyed about the fake news criticism in west. Why is that? Why would a chinese care? In general, we dont expect a single Chinese in a million to know Alex Jones and alike, nonetheless to show concern.

dolphin (509 posts) • -6
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I don't think it's appropriate to insinuate that people need to 'take their meds'. Either argue specific points people make with reasonable counter-arguments or try to be respectful.

Of course there is a lot of fake news in the West. The film "Shattered Glass" was based on a true story of a journalist who fabricated stories.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -9
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I dont mind it dolphin, this could even get interesting. Who knows. Some purpose seems to be driving her ´eat meds´mania, and shes well aware of names of western media that are more free from the modern thought control agenda, or call it what u want. Besides that plenty of this media advocate protectionism, and also to dig deeper into the corrupted swamp. She is also aware of anarchist movements who are currently being checked by fbi. But even for an american-chinese her position is rare, not unheard of though. Then again, she may just be the average lunatic modern left head, who has picked up trash abroad, she stills falls in that category. But why care about our ´fake news´ thing?

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