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How do you apply work permit?

mary123 (14 posts) • 0

How do the education consultation company apply

work permit for their full time foreign teacher? Because education consultation companys are not allowed to teach. Any gokunming friends can help me with this?

Gcubed (2 posts) • 0

To my understanding any company in China can hire foreign workers, but unless it is an actual school certified by the Department of Education then the workers legally can't teach.

JanJal (1131 posts) • +1

@Gcubed: ""any company in China can hire foreign workers"

Only if the company first acquires approval to hire foreigners (People's Republic of China Employment License for Foreigners).

JanJal (1131 posts) • 0

I concur that law was changed, but the license was only merged with another document into a document with different name. The requirement to acquire it still exists.

The license that employer now must acquire is called "Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit".

This combines two separate documents previously required (Employment License and Foreign Expert License).

This (these) are documents that the employer must acquire prior to the employee applying for work visa.

Previously there were two different state entiies for different documents, but now all business related to hiring foreigners is done with State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA).

JanJal (1131 posts) • 0

I dare to guess that there are more foregners here running their own businesses, than foreigners running businesses that hire other foreigners.

JanJal (1131 posts) • 0

That said, if you group all of Kunming's institutions of higher learning together as one "company", then the visiting and long-term research scholars may account for quite a big number overall.

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