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Best place to exchange money?

happygirlhappygirl (20 posts) • 0

Hello everyone,
I just arrived in Kunming after traveling in Thailand and I didn't exchange my money at the airport as there was roughly a 10$USD fee and it wasn't worth it for the amount of money I need to exchange. Can anyone suggest some good exchange places in Kunming with a low fee or fee-free?

I am exchanging Thai Baht to RMB. Any tips are really appreciated. Thank you!

lemon lover (965 posts) • +1

Bank of China at corner of Beijing and Renmin lu.
Not with the ladies outside but at the bank. Will take some time however.

debaser (635 posts) • 0

offer it for exchange on here if it's just holiday money. I'm sure someone will be going to Thailand soon.

happygirlhappygirl (20 posts) • +1

UPDATE: I traded it in at the Bank of China on Renmin and Beijing Rd. It took awhile, yes, but the rate was very good and there was no service fee.

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