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cocoa powder

AmericanMarket (2 posts) • 0

Yes, the Hershey's Cocao is powder made from cocao beans.

It says it is 100% Cacao, which is natural unsweetened.

The American Market also has cake mixes and brownie mixes, all at a much lower price than Metro or anywhere else, including Tao Bao.

I just got in a shipment of canned Pure Pumkin, in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So if you are near Bei Chen or Metro, please stop by...

You can contact me for more information!

AdwoaAbokoma (22 posts) • +1

A charity organisation called Ciji 慈济 from Taiwan sells pure cocoa powder. I use it for bread baking. The address of the shop is: 昆明市人民中路39 傲城大厦 B 15209

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