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Yuanyang and Luopin

micheleg (3 posts) • 0

Hello everyone,
I am planning to do a tour of Luopin and Yuanyang terraces.
Does anyone know for sure if at this time of the year both rape flowers are in full bloom and the terraces are flooded? In other words, is it too late in the season to ? When would be the latest period to enjoy both places in their full splendour?

Needless to say, we have asked many travel agencies and they all give different answer, often copy/paste from some brochure.

Also, if anyone has been there and has some particularly useful practical advice (hotel, restaurants, guide) or even just a less know cycling route around both ares, most appreciated.

Thanks for your help

Xiefei (532 posts) • 0

Unfortunately, I think you've missed both. Both places are still worth checking out though.
The Nine Dragon Waterfall is the biggest attraction in Luoping after the rape flowers, but it shouldn't be crowded, and it's a really nice day trip on a bike.
They're probably planting the terraces in Yuanyang now. Unless you're a really hardcore biker, you might want to do this area by car. I recommend going further in to Ailaoshan and checking out the pristine cloud forests. There is one hostel in old Yuanyang, I believe it's called something like "Backpacker Guest House" or something. There's a Hong Konger there by the name of Tim who can tell you where all the market days and cool spots are, as well as help arrange cars.

micheleg (3 posts) • 0

thanks for your reply...sorry to hear I am late for both. I will consider whether to still go or wait for next Spring..pity.
thanks for your advice

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