zhudan (204 posts) • 0

I tried it. Along with root canals and rectal surgery. All a logo fun. Go for it. I highly recommend the rectal stuff. Going back for more soon.

tallamerican (394 posts) • 0

Lester, when my friend had specialized surgery on his hand it was suggested by a doctor at international clinic he have the surgery in Thailand. My wife had complicated back surgery in kunming with excellent results. I often tease her that she really did not have surgery because the scar is so hard to find.

AlPage48 (968 posts) • 0

I had an endoscopic exam of my stomach at Yan'an hospital a few years back.
Because I was over age 60 they would not put me out. Instead I was given a topical anesthetic for my throat, but far too early and the effect wore off before the exam started.
If I had to do it again - I would refuse.

Later the same year - at the same hospital - I needed major abdominal surgery. Not only did they put me under, but they also used a spinal block, so when I woke up 7 hours later there was zero pain.

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