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to Yuanyang and Xishuangbanna

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Many countries (including Thailand at this time) also have a requirement for proof of medical insurance including coverage for Covid.

That Covid insurance can be expensive.

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Most Asian countries (probably even all) and that will most certainly include China, currently have or will have, an insurance requirement when they first reopen. It isn't just Thailand. Cambodia has such a requirement (the Thai requirement will be lowered to US$50000 coverage starting November 1, down from the present US$100000), so does Singapore, where the coverage required is just S$30000 (strange for such an expensive country that the limit is lower than in Thailand and Cambodia).

In any case, insurance requirements alone won't deter too many people. Chinese, Thais etc. have required insurance to get a European Schengen visa for touristic purposes for years.

For me it's the vaccination and testing requirements that will put me off travel for the foreseeable future. Not to mention the likely imposition of a short quarantine period (probably for one night). I can totally see the authorities waiting for travelers at the destination station and bringing them to their pre-booked accommodation where they will be tested and they will have to wait until negative results are obtained. I'm sure this will be the system when borders first re-open. After a few months, they'll probably scrap this and revert back to a more normal entry scheme.

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Estimated high speed rail fares to be sold in two weeks are posted. Cheaper than flight.

Kunming to Puer ~CNY130

Kunming to Xishuangbanna ~CNY180

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