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Looking for electronics Stores for cheap electroni

PulJay (3 posts) • 0

Hi there.
I m travelling to Kunming for 3 days. I want to visit electronics stores somewhere around jinjiang hotel. Also, is there a place where i can buy genuine xiaomi products?

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

Yuantong bei lu near the old Kunming zoo. Big five story building specializing in electronics.
Genuine Xiao Mi store at Nanya shopping mall.

zhudan (204 posts) • 0

I actually got kicked out of an electronics store in that area behind YunDa when I decided not to purchase an earphone wire extension. The quality just looked poor and she wanted 27 rmb for it. I had bought the same thing for 2 rmb and it broke, and so came to this area looking for something better. Though I did not want that item I wanted to browse and see what else he had. He then told my wife that I did not have any money and we needed to leave.

vicar (817 posts) • 0

Same thing happened to me when I decided not to buy some underpants I'd tried on

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