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Hiking/Camping Gear in Kunming

wpgoalie (12 posts) • 0

Is it easy and affordable to buy good hiking/camping gear in Kunming? Will I be able to find things like sleeping bags that roll up compactly and good hikers' backpacks?

nihaoangel (1 post) • 0

There is good outdoor shop at Dongfengxilu called "Xue feng",it is opposite of Yunnan TV Station.The stuffs there are a bit expensive but good quality.You can also go to a shop at Dongfeng Dong Lu(opposite of Kunming city government office).The prices there are reasonable. Good luck!

jaccy (4 posts) • 0

You can also consider this camping shop situated at Da Guan Shang Ye Cheng, Xiao Xi Men area right next to KFC. I don't remember the name of the shop but the people there are really friendly and their stuff are selling at very reasonable prices.

mamadavid (16 posts) • 0

Do these places sell hiking boots in large (foreigner) sizes, i.e. women's size 40 European or 9 US? Anywhere else selling high quality hiking boots at prices not more expensive than in other countries ?(the branded shops in the shopping malls seem to have a very big markup).

Long-Dragon (390 posts) • 0

There are specialized outdoor shops spotted around downtown Kunming as well as in most department stores. One on the backside of Parksons Qing Nian Lu. Womens size 39 and narrow width is the normal largest shoe size.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

You would be a mug to buy from one of those branded shops, their prices are often 10-50% more than what I would pay in the west after conversion.

There are two pretty decent stores just west of wenhua xiang on Longxiang street where I have bought two pairs of mens hiking shoes before (size 44). The first (when travelling west) has western designed/branded hiking gear (don't forget to go upstairs) and the second has mostly Chinese hiking gear. I managed to pick up a Chinese branded pair of leather boots from the second (size 45 according to the label but definitely 43-44) for <300 kuai which have held up excellently on a number of hikes. I also bought a pair of jieways from the same shop 3 years ago which lasted me for 2 years (constant use) before the sole wore out for 180 kuai.

They are both on the left hand side heading West, nearer the end of the street, about 50m between the stores.

I also just bought some (I believe) fake North Face Mesa shoes from taobao for 220 kuai. They seem to be pretty good fakes with full leather and double stitching... actually aren't sure that they are fakes, possibly they just came out the back of the factory.

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