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EnglishGent (3 posts) • 0

I have a few friends that go to a few different places. A few of us are also looking at trying to form a small class for a teacher that normally just does 1 on 1.

Do you have wechat? I can add you to the small group.

aimeili (6 posts) • 0

i do shaolin gongfu near yunnan university, the phone numer of the teacher in 15559715565, he speaks can speak a little english

Mr. Frank (2 posts) • 0

Would like to see this thread keep going- also interested in martial arts. Also, I am wondering if there are any ground grappling/BJJ classes in Kunming?

fixitwithahammer (165 posts) • 0

there is Wang Shifu around xiao xi men. he is the kicker (well ...literally). he teaches modern wushu and traditional kungfu as well as taiji.
he trained me until i f'd up my back. he is the best coach i ever had.

also he is multiple state (forgot which state)champion in modern wushu.

he is in the listings.


fixitwithahammer (165 posts) • 0

....provinces...my bad.

He won the Yunna province competition in two categories. The double sword and another one but I forgot. He won another huge one recently.

But he is not too keen on winning competitions. He is just crazy about wushu, meet him and you'll see.

Philip Bell (2 posts) • 0

I went to the xiao xi men place today and they said they only train kids there. Is that the right listing?

I am looking for a place to start martial arts, I know how to box though.

ksmcqueen (96 posts) • 0

Ring King boxing gym is running a promotion this week, 1/2 price membership fees: 1900 for a year or 900 for 3 months. I teach self defense (mostly krav maga) there and they also have boxing and belly dance classes. Check the listings for ring king

fixitwithahammer (165 posts) • 0

Sorry for my late reply Phillip.
Wang Shifu offers 1on1 classes and small classes besides his kiddy classes. usually evenings and on weekends.

let me know if you are still interested and what you exactly wanna study. i can talk to him, if there is any misunderstanding.

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