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shop that can enlarge photos ?

Alex2014 (51 posts) • 0

I usually go to International Photo Workshop beside Yunnan provincial government at the end of Justice Road. They could develop or enlarge different types of photos

walter (48 posts) • 0

Depends what you want done. You can either print on a canvas style poster (which means limited resolution of printing, typically not more than 150dpi but often 75dpi) at a huge size, or you can print on another material at a limited size but still for instance A3 or greater. The second option means you can have really good resolution .. ie. when you look at it up close it is very detailed instead of spotty.

If your source image is digital, it's likely not that high resolution to warrant physically large printing at a high DPI. If your source image is an existing analog print (ie. photograph) and not a huge one, then same deal. If your source image is a slide, negative, or large photograph then you might have enough data to warrant high DPI and large size.

Generally speaking, the shop on Wenhuaxiang (roughly opposite the Yunnan University Hotel) is pretty good in my experience. Most places will give you a reasonable job.

Things to watch:

- they might damage the source

- the color reproduction may not be to your liking, and this is very hard to control ... in China, almost nobody operates color controlled processes for their editing, display and print ... so it's a bit of a pot-shot

- they might use dodgy paper or medium

- usually they use cheap aftermarket noname ink sources which can vary in quality considerably

After giving a damn about all of this stuff for too long, I just splashed out and bought an expensive printer for myself. But it's at Fuxian lake, not in Kunming.

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

What is the Chinese for Justice road? Obviously can't find it if I search 'justice road' on Baidu.. Or ask some Chinese people for directions! Hahaha.

lawlz0mg (201 posts) • 0

walter is correct, it depends on the original photos res...there are various methods to increase the res but youll lose the quality of the photo. send me a way to instant message and ill help you to the best of my ability.

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