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Marin's Food Talks: Food Safety and Eating Healthy


Come participate for free, but call in advance to reserve a space: 18687530318.

Join us this Sunday for a special discussion about food safety and fresh produce. When we think about food safety we think about gutter oil and expired meat at Mc Donald’s, but most of us don’t think about the fresh vegetables! But today, not just in China, but everywhere pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs offer a range of problems that the consumer has to consider when making choices about vegetables. We welcome special guest speaker Dou Hong, from the Pesticide Eco-Alternative Center, to speak about these issues and how consumers can make more informed choices that are better for the environment and our own health.

We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages between chain supermarkets and street-side farmers markets. Come enjoy a chance to learn more about local food cultures and share some of your own food experiences. Plus stay after if you want for an international potluck; bring one of your favorite foods to share a part of your food culture with everyone! We will have a BBQ grill and wok available if you want to make your dish here!

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Cultural Diving Studio • 118 Qingnian Lu (next to the Red Cross Hospital of Yunnan), Sakura Mansion, room 0601