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Dining & Drinks 5:30pm 188 yuan

International Wine & Cuisine Tasting

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Enjoy a relaxed meal of four delicious dishes while learning from a certified Sommelier all of the intricate details about their accompanying wines.
We will begin the night with an entree of mozarella fingers dipped in a lemon sauce and paired with an excellent glass of SOLELUNA Extra Dry, a fresh sparkling white wine as an aperitif.

The first main dish includes spaghetti carbonara accompanied by a glass of internationally renowned white wine, S. Osvaldo SAUVIGNON.
The following main dish is pork marinated in a spicy tomato sauce accompanied by baked potatoes and a glass of Feudo Arancio, a perfectly balanced CABERNET SAUVIGNON.

Lastly we will conclude the night with a delicious dessert, chocolate mousse, complimented with its perfect match, GIRAMONDO, a red sparkling wine.

Must make prior reservations and purchase event tickets.

Limited number of tickets available.
For questions or reservations please call us at 63132021.

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