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Nightlife 9:00pm

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Set BPM to 128, close your eyes and lie down. Slice the sample, reverse it, pitch it, reset the collage. The length of the spine stretches, a long way, back to hearing with a light touch. Ear canal around, loop, stable atmosphere, search for time and space jumping point. With ears, maintaining balance, the secretion of dopamine, through the skull, ear canal and around, to orgasm.

When you sit in a booth full of champagne without ears, you wander in the night between skirts with your eyes confused. How can the hard friction of the inner wall of the ear canal be regarded as a party? Just like when tourists from other provinces come to villages, they eat a bowl of 100-yuan rice noodles at the airport. Groove and relaxation back to the body, synth, and fluff to wake up the ears, is the only thing that matters tonight. No ups and downs, no high. Only in the back and forth, isolated and alone, touching end to end, leaving some addiction, let oneself and the world communicate.

The ear is a door, a door opened the door in the heart of the world, you have the right to choose to it shut down, but low-frequency resonance, conduction, you can't be in it and stay, let alone do not have a feeling, a tuning fork is next to the head, every brain-teasing, physical awareness of noise reduction, rise, even closed all exports, after tonight's dream, one day you will fly into space, Free to travel in parallel time.

DJ Bios:


More than ten years ago, she came into contact with and fell in love with electronic music. She has been committed to the in-depth study of electronic music culture and has her unique taste in music. She has been invited to many major music festivals and parties, the live control and music arrangement will bring you a shock and constant surprise. She is a DJ that many party animals chase after. Her focus on electronic music, the power of the scene, and her experience as a party DJ make her an excellent party helmsman, taking the direction of the flow. Give the stage to her and you will have the most intoxicating fantasy journey.


Dan² comes from Beijing and is a genuine party animal. He has been in clubs all over the country.

He has mastered a variety of music styles and is good at using Deeptech Groove to control the HipHop on the dance floor, which is also his direction of grinding for many years. The shuttle from the current most popular Trap to the OldSchool Classic is equally easy.

One of the directors of Kunming CHEAPLOUNGE.

Details Party initiator.

The Market includes:

Blossom Cafe which provides SPA, Ear Cleaning, and Coffee

Tattoo Lounge, Slow Slope Cafe, Karn Thai Restaurant, Peak Barbershop, and Purify Motorbike Shop.

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