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Go Against Water: Afro-house, Tribal House Night


Thursdays are one of those awkward days, there are no indulgence of the weekend nor the anxiety of Monday, it is kinda dull. But Dada Kunming is different, the tedious brings you a diverse music therapy on Thursdays, three DJs with different music style are good at stirring up the mood on Thursdays. So who said Thursdays are boring? At Dada Kunming, "boring" does not exist.

About the Event:

What is House?

Like Hiphop, it was a result of discontent with popular music, created by people, and created by DJs competing to bring back Jazz, Funk, and Disco through sampling and DIY.

And we are going to share Afro-House and Tribal House with you at Dada Kunming tonight.

Afro house has a relatively repetitive beat, hypnotic, trance is his unique style.

The Roland TB-303 synthesizer makes its most characteristic sound 'sour'

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