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Nightlife 9:00pm

Cloud Dubwise and Cultural Market


About Cloud Dubwise:

Cloud Dubwise is a reggae party brand initiated by DABO, aiming to promote reggae music and party experience, aiming to integrate all media that can be delayed; Explore more possibilities of backbeat GROOVE in parties and connect the infinite echoes of BASS music in time and space!

Artists of the Night:


Kaimi Culture Director, member of the Far East Lion; Dabo has been engaged in live performance planning and execution for many years, based on the dissemination of original music among college students, co-founder of Mushroom Tattoo, he is also an tattoo artist. He is passionate about reggae music and culture and is committed to spreading its music and culture. He has successfully organized mountain parties with local artist Kawa, performed at Kaimi Cultural Center in Yunnan Province, and many other venues with Heavy Hong Kong Sound System. In addition, he has successfully acted as the tour planner and leader of The Far East Lion!

He is the driving force behind the planning, organization, and execution of numerous shows and concerts including, Anning Kaimi /Chenggong Kaimi Reggae Party, French reggae musician Don Camilo, Yunnan Zuigui Club, Honghe Mengzi Hi Bar, Far East Lion, Heavy Hong Kong Sound System, I Kong, China tour, Yunnan Luliang Buffalo Bar, Dali Live House, Von D China tour and Modern Sky Kunming.


As an independent singer-songwriter, she has formed several bands with different styles. She has a variety of creative styles. Her works are based on her own thoughts. There is traditional folk music, and there are modern works in line with the present. Not limited to humming, but also singing for youth and idealism!

Her encounter with reggae seems to have been predestined, a farewell dinner of Rasta's spirit of freedom, equality, sharing, peace, and love. Sprinkle it on the empty space deep in your heart, and grow happily in the sunshine; Share reggae music, embrace the heart of wanting to be loved, Jah will guide you to the feeling that is right for you!

Jalil Awa (阿瓦)

MC, lead vocalist, and saxophonist Jalil Awa is from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. He graduated from Lee University in Cleveland with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and he is a super musician. After traveling the world, he eventually settled in Yunnan, where he had everything he loved -- music, folklore, food. He also formed the Village Satiwa Dub Band (Sa Tie Wa) with like-minded Yunnan natives. He calls himself

"Wa in America"!

About the market:

On the night of the event, we will have 13 other local vendors, clubs and brands joining us! Those vendors include: Yun Brewing, which is going to provide us with their newest wheat draft beer on tap! 4 tattoo shops, Peak Barbershops, Diamana Diya. At the Slow Slope Coffee and Karn stands, you can find the best Thai food and Coffee! Xiran Vintage Handmade, you can design your cloth and thrift shop on spot! And there would also be motorbike shops and clubs at the scene for our motorbike lovers!

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