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Sports Jun 11 – Jul 12

Euro 2021 Live @ O'reilly's


After having been delayed for a year, the EURO 2021 is finally here!

Starting June 11, national teams from all over Europe will be competing to win the EURO 2021. Here at O'Reilly's we'll be broadcasting the entirety of the games, and there's no better place to watch such a sporting event than an IRISH PUB!


*JERSEY WIN - Wear your team jersey. If they win, it's a pint of beer on us!

*BOOZE BETS - We'll be taking booze bets. If your team wins by the score you announced before the beginning of the game, you're entitled to get the booze amount you announced (limited to 1 unit of booze. Ex: 1 bottle of Jameson). If your team loses, you just pay the bill's amount. No money bets will be accepted. Booze only.

*GOAL FESTIVAL - On any game, if the total of scored goals equal to or greater than 8 goals, that's a shot on us for everyone!

*When Belgium plays, 20% OFF Duvel.
*When France plays, all you can drink pastis 99rmb/person.

*When Germany plays, buy 2 get 1 free on all German beers

*When England plays, buy 6 get 6 on gin shots.
*When Netherlands plays, buy 2 get 1 free on Desperado.
*When Russia plays, buy 6

get 6 on vodka shots

All the games will be played at all three locations. Come watch them with your friends!

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