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Keting Plan - Be Water


About the Event:

"Keting Plan" belongs to an offline party of VastGain. It is a concept that comes up with friends of VGG after drinking and woolgathering. When we were teenagers, we were enthusiastic about playing video games and watching movies in the living room (Keting). Growing up, however, we are engaged in studies and work, and there are fewer and fewer relaxation times and activities. Now we plan to enjoy our leisure time, share music together and create a cozy place with friends.

The theme, Be Water, is a kind of thought. Water is colorless, tasteless, and variable. The highest goodness is like water. With perseverance, constant dropping wears the stone. The same is true of music. Empty your mind and like your body dance with the music slowly, or vigorously. After that, your consciousness will become various.

DJ Bio:

Dr. 7

Always keep in mind that he is a student. His style of music is inclined to stream of consciousness, and he hopes to find a way out between ideology and reality.


Capturing the nebula-textured sounds of the 1980s, he uses solid drumbeats and prominent high-frequency sounds to take you to the deepest spiritual world.

Music Style: Synthwave, hip-hop, Nu DISCO, Future soul


SRWH is a young man who stands out from ordinary people with a persistent pursuit of the spiritual world. Influenced by Gui Broatto, he embarked on the path to explore electronic music. Having a unique understanding of electronic music, he will bring you the most ecstatic experience of the dance floor with the most direct low-frequency signals.

Music Style: Deep House, Psytrance, Liquid Funk

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