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Zunyi DJs! 遵义 DJs!


Zunyi DJ!

Dada Kunming welcomes 3 DJs from the fine city of Zunyi, Guizhou. Zunyi is a small city but has a very cool little music scene. These 3 young DJs are playing eclectic music from Funk to Dub to Electro

-- their first time playing in Kunming -- let's give them a warm welcome!

Zunyi, a pleasant city in Guizhou Province, has gathered a group of youths who have to bend themselves to hold musical events for local people.

DAFEI, LINGY1, and ANT are DJs from Zunyi,based in Bachang Club and Peace Road Livehouse. They are of uniqueness that you can only feel in Southwest China. With their own musical tastes, they will bring totally different experiences to you.

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