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Webinars 11:55pm 25 yuan

Situationist Practice in Southwest China


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In our first café with guests from Asia, Luofei and Vera van de Nieuwenhof will share and discuss their knowledge and personal experiences of performance art, Situationism and other artistic walking practices in Kunming, China.

The Kunming International Situationist Society (KISS) is a small and informal group of Chinese and international artists and theorists who practice Situationist-related art and activities in a Chinese context. KISS was founded in 2018 by Luofei, Sean Duffy and Vera van de Nieuwenhof.

The group’s initial aim was to re-read, discuss and practice ideas inspired by the Situationist canon in the context of contemporary Chinese society, which provides a unique and stimulating backdrop against which to reappraise such ideas.

A few meetings and dérives later, the group organized its first KISS Microfest in the summer of 2019, which included an introduction to Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle and a film screening. A second edition was held in the winter of 2020, which focussed more on practice and participation through psychogeography and performance art.

Join us (noting the adjusted start time) for a fascinating discussion on situationist practices and walking art in China.

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