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Silk x Yeti x Radii


S!LK x Yeti Out China tour

* heavyweight collaboration with Beijing's SILK label, Shanghai's YETI label, and Radii china.wav *

Tom Yeti
Fader one

Date :
2020年11月27日 Friday

Press:我们的巡演还在继续,这是一场疯狂的巡演,Never stop!我们进军Dada kunming 为昆明带来最新鲜的声音!一起享受吧!这次依旧是silk 主脑 Puzzy Stack 和 yeti 领袖 Tom yeti 一同上阵,还有重量级的Fader one。这是我们第一次来到昆明放声,我们将为昆明输送更多的UK 舞曲,将最纯正的英国声音带到昆明!11月27日跟我们一起掀翻dada吧!

We're still on tour, it's a crazy tour, Never Stop! We come to Dada Kunming to bring the freshest voice to Kunming! Enjoy! Again, it's silk's Puzzy Stack, yeti's leader Tom Yeti, and the heavyweight Fader One. This is the first time for us to come to Kunming, we will send more UK dances to Kunming, bringing the most authentic British sound to Kunming! Come with us and topple Dada on November 27

Puzzy Stack

PUZZY STACK,自幼学习京剧的他凭借着对音乐极强的理解力于2013年在北京开始他的DJ之旅,并与好友Bloodzboi创办每周一次的低音派对。仅一年间,他就已经在 Dada Bar,Lantern Club 等多家主流,地下俱乐部演出并受到多名知名DJ的肯定,在Bass音乐方面他的造诣颇丰,多次受邀参加Adidas的派对演出以及为The North Face制作混音带。而现在一直致力于新的先锋品牌S!LK,曾将Sinjin Hawke / Zora Jones/ P Money / Air Max'97 / Abyss X / Bulma / Club Sync 等先锋艺术家带到北京。他受邀参加Boiler Room的演出展现了他独有的风采,他的mix在英国Radar Radio的黄金时段播出,与英国知名MC Killa P一起参加NTS Radio的录制,被Yeti Out 邀请到Rinse FM London 和 Rinse FM France 进行直播。

DJ, label boss, fashion renegade PuzzyStack studied Beijing Opera since his childhood. In 2013, he founded the Raw Meat bass music party that still continues every week at Dada Beijing club, with his good friend MC Bloodzboi, giving a platform for new, young local DJ talents.

Quickly rising to claim the "Beijing's best DJ" awards from both Time Out and City Weekend magazines, PuzzyStack has toured China extensively, establishing himself as one of the country's most exciting DJ talents. Able to play and mix a variety of genres on the fly -- UK Bass, Grime, Club Trax, Techno, and Footwork -- he's played Boiler Room, Radar Radio, NTS Radio, SHCR, and others. He's shared the stage with artists like Killa P, RP Boo, Branko, IC3peak, Daedelus, Traxman, Sinjin Hawke, Zora Jones, Elijah & Skilliam, Stööki Sounds, Gaika, Flava D, Visionist, DJ Paypal, Feloneezy, etc.

In 2017, he founded the S!LK label -- an electronic art, fashion, and music brand -- and invited lots of international acts to tour China, like P Money, Killa P,Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones,Slackk, Drippin, Air Max' 97, Abyss X, Trekkie Trax, NAAFI, Bulma and so on.


R Ξ Π,来自北京的电子音乐人/DJ,擅长将techno中浓重的黑暗氛围以及工业噪音融为一体,利用粗暴、怪诞且高速的跳舞节奏呈现七八十年代北京的“工业景观”。他在虚妄中偷生获得自欺的希望,这是“新”的开始,也是对“旧”的复仇。

Born in Beijing 1980s, R Ξ Π involved into multiple art and music plans as an authentic producer and DJ. Stirring a dense ambient of obscurity derived from Techno with the Industrial sound, he creates a violent, grotesque and rapid groove, implying a series of flashbacks from the emerging industrial scenery of 1970s and 1980s of the PRC. To seize the hints of existence from deceptiveness and vanishment, the innovation generated by his works are defining as a revenge to degeneration extensively as well.

Tom Yeti

Tom Yeti 在香港出生和长大,鱼丸和叉烧是那里不可错过的美食。之后,他落叶归根回到英国,为自己环游世界并承办派对的人生新篇章蓄能。现在,身为坐标上海的创意团体 YETI OUT 的主脑之一,Tom 随团队一同将 Benji B 、Venus X 、Novelist、A$AP Mob 等知名音乐人带到中国,让无数乐迷尽情享受在最劲爆的音乐现场中!

Tom is the co founder of music label Yeti Out. What started as a basement parties in East London has evolved in to a pan-asia collective the past 7 years. Producing tours and parties for Novelist, Mixpak, Venus X, ASAP to Benji B and to merch collabs with Pleasures to Places + Faces, the crew's sound blur the line between rap, grime to garage with airwaves on NTS, Boiler Room to Shanghai Community Radio.

Fader One

在芝加哥出生香港长大的DJ和音乐制作人Doyen Chung,又以Fader One为大家熟知。拥有作为录音工程师在音乐行业著名公司AKAI, Rane和Numark工作的背景,Fader One 已与Lex Luger, GO$H, Lexie Liu和Al Rocco等多位艺人合作,同时他的DJ set也是包括了left field beats,IDM和trip hop等一系列风格。

Fader One is the moniker behind Hong Kong via Chicago born DJ and producer Doyen Chung. With a sound engineer background working with the likes of AKAI, Rane and Numark, Fader One has been behind the production board for the likes of Lex Luger, GO$H, Lexie Liu to Rocco while his DJ sets explore a range of left field beats, IDM to trip hop.

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