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They Come at Night


They Come At Night

Friday, August 28, 2020

Dada Kunming

They Come At Night. They come to take you away into the dark recesses of space. They come with sonic weapons designed for the sole purpose of blowing your minds. They will destroy your false idols called 'Cool' and 'Hype', to be replaced by music so strange it transports you to another dimension and so beautiful you feel connected to the entire universe. They will bring a few likeminded intergalactic DJs with them to soundtrack your abduction from this world and transferal into the infinite abyss…
Expect a mix of techno, electro, acid, house... some ambient layered underneath for good measure. Nothing generic or boring; tech house and melodic techno will be illegal all night.

期待一个混合着Techno, Electro, Acid, House…还有一些有意思的Ambient。没有普普通通无聊的Tech House和Melodic Techno,这些都是不被允许的。



Music junkie and dancefloor addict, S&M djs and throws parties in China. Playing different shades of techno, electro, acid, house, plus whatever weirdo sounds he can get his hands on. Sometimes there's a deliberate story or theme, other times it's just mental liberation via sonic destruction.

Over the past 5 years he’s worked hard to bring a higher quality of music to Kunming. He was the first DJ to have a residency in the city, with his monthly party Ancient Rhythms at Vervo. His uncompromising taste in music and careful mixing has earned him praise. He's supported respected artists such as HWA aka Elvis. T, Developer, MHP, Giuliano Lomonte and Hu Yang. A close connection with the Guangzhou based Hoodoo techno crew has brought him out to play in bigger cities, including some memorable nights at one of China's best clubs Oil in Shenzhen.

S&M就是一个音乐和舞池的重度上瘾者,他在中国做派对,喜欢不同色调的Techno, Electro, Acid, House还有其他奇奇怪怪的怪异声音,只要在他的脑海中。有时,他的DJ Set像故事,有时就是抽象般的精神解析。

在过去5年中,他努力为昆明带来更高质量的音乐。他是第一个定居在昆明的老外DJ,曾每月一次在Vervo举办Ancient Rhythms活动,他对音乐不妥协的品味和精心的混音赢得了好评;他也与很多杰出的艺人同台,比如HWA aka Elvis.T, Developer, MHP, Giuliano Lomonte, Hu Yang,也与在广州的Techno组织Hoodoo联系密切,把他带到了比如中国地下最佳俱乐部之一的Oil俱乐部在深圳。


Mingo is a passionate collector, listening to various kinds of music. He always loved the bands that drive dance culture. But then he had a mysterious summoning from techno, so electronic music entered his world. Then came industrial, atmospheric, and experimental music. The music keeps playing, and he keeps trying different genres and discovering new sounds, never following the crowd. The most important thing for Mingo is the collective connection between him and the audience. “We build a community, by sharing the music we love! When that happens, time is forgotten, dancing is everything.”


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