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DJ Zhiqi (Beijing)


DJ Zhiqi from Beijing's renowned underground club ZHAODAI, plays all night at Dada Kunming.

Sat. Aug 1st. 2020

Zhiqi 常驻北京,招待所俱乐部(ZhaoDai)主理,活跃于国内地下电子场景十余年,曾在久负盛名的北京白兔俱乐部担任驻场 DJ,以派对策划的身份邀请多位重要艺术家至国内舞台,如 Beta Librae、DJ Nobu、Upsammy、Mike Servito、Vladimir Ivkovic、Intergalactic Gary、Giegling、Efdemin、Valentino Mora、Batu、Fumiya Tanaka、Eris Drew、DJ Stingray、Marcel Dettmann、Aurora Halal

& Relaxer。

Zhiqi 的演出足迹遍布世界各地。除了全球舞客趋之若鹜的俱乐部要塞如柏林 ://about blank 、Golden Gate、Loftus Hall,巴黎 La Java、Au Garden Paris 、台北 Smoke Machine 的据点 Korner 、斯德哥尔摩 Bronx Sauna,首尔 ​vurt. ,越南 The Observatory 和 Savage,以及口碑卓越的亚洲电子音乐节 Equation Festival。Zhiqi 频繁现身国内优质俱乐部舞台,如北京 ZhaoDai、Dada,上海 Shelter、Elevator,深圳 Oil,以及成都 Tag。

2015年,Zhiqi 与艺术家陈天灼合作,为其在巴黎 Palai de tokyo 的现场表演Adaha 2 制作配乐;2017年8月,Zhiqi 与柏林极简主义瑰宝厂牌 Perlon 旗下艺术家 Wareika 合作,制作并发行 EP 作品“Highlife”; 2019年6月,Zhiqi 与 Jakob Seidensticker 联合制作单曲“Melting”,作品收录于 We R The Aliens 厂牌首发黑胶唱片“Mothership”。

Zhiqi, based in Beijing, is one of the founding members and music director of Beijing’s underground club ZhaoDai. He has been actively participating in the Chinese underground electronic music scene for more than a decade. Through the early phase of playing as house resident at the prestigious White Rabbit club and later years of relentless efforts as party promoter, he has established himself as one of the key contributors and forward thinkers in the scene, bringing in a diverse force of international artists such as Beta Librae, DJ Nobu, Upsammy, Mike Servito, Vladimir Ivkovic, Intergalactic Gary, Giegling, Efdemin, Valentino Mora, Batu, Fumiya Tanaka, Eris Drew, DJ Stingray, Marcel Dettmann, Aurora Halal & Relaxer.

Zhiqi has performed worldwide over the years, hitting audience with his eclectic sets at the much sought-after clubs such as ://about blank, Golden Gate, and Loftus Hall in Berlin; Au Garden Paris and La Java in Paris; former Korner from Smoke Machine in Taipei, Bronx Sauna in Stockholm, and Vietnam’s Savage and The Observatory. In 2018, he shared the stage with prominent members from Asian and international scenes at Equation Festival. In addition to playing countless nights at home spot ZhaoDai, Zhiqi is also a frequent guest at Dada Beijing, Shelter and Elevator in Shanghai, Oil in Shenzhen, and Tag in Chengdu.

In 2015, Zhiqi produced music for live performance“Adaha 2”in Palai de Tokyo in collaboration with artist Chen Tianzhuo; in August 2017, Zhiqi worked with Wareika from Berlin’s minimalistic gem Perlon in producing and releasing EP work “Highlife”; in June 2019, Zhiqi and Jakob Seidensticker co-produced single "Melting", which appeared on the We R The Aliens’ label debut vinyl.

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