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Sports 10:00am 400 yuan

Outdoor Rock Climbing Trip/Lesson

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Kunming has beautiful rock climbing resources, with multiple unique crags and more than 500 climbing routes. The routes range from easy to hard, single pitch to multi-pitches. Outdoor rock climbing is such a gift to Kunming.

Day trip is 400RMB per day per person and 100RMB cheaper for each person if 3 or more sign up together. Price includes guiding fee, all gear use, transportation, and insurance! Multi-day trip price can be consulted with Meteor.

More information on day trips can be found at this example MountainDance
Day trip time: 10am to 6pm
Meetup location: Slice of Heaven Cafe
Contact Meteor (Wechat ID:meteor2013-14) or email meteorwou@hotmail.com to book

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